Gas tax hurts working families

I’m a farm worker rights activist, and founder and board member for Pick Justice and California Farm Workers & Families – which means I work on behalf of the thousands of agricultural workers that harvest the food which comes to your table every night. My family and I are fortunate to play such a vital role in our state economy and to the communities we serve. It’s not an easy lifestyle and we sacrifice like most working families to provide our kids with a better future.

That’s why I don’t understand when Sacramento politicians passed SB 1, the punitive gas and car tax during the last legislative session. It increased the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon, the diesel tax – frequently used on farms – an even higher 20 cents a gallon and the vehicle license fee by as much as $175 a year. In fact, my truck’s DMV annual registration fee almost doubled this year. The total looted in by the state would be $5.2 billion a year.

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