A personal note from Eric, the page admin

I’ve never done this before, but this is a personal note to you from me, Eric. I’m the guy with the Coalition of Energy Users who administers this page and that’s a picture of me above so you have a visual.

Today I read a post from a former classmate who is working on the “No on 6 campaign.” Although I’m not going to share their name, they accused us of being dishonest, called us “destructive,” and then tried to argue bridges will collapse if we win. At the end, they proclaimed they are an “expert” and implied you and me are stupid and should be ashamed for having the audacity to have a different opinion.

Friend, you and me are not stupid. Our posts are reaching literally hundreds of thousands of people, when you account for 1k+ shares on many posts. We are not a bunch of unsophisticated idiots.

We see what the Sacramento political class refuses to acknowledge. We see their waste. We see their arrogance. And we’re tired of being treated like peons by a political elite that squanders our hard earned tax dollars while treating taxpayers like you and me with contempt and disdain.

If you follow the page regularly, you know the politicians plan to spend over $700 million on new offices and up to $500 million on a climate change satellite. These are just a couple of the worst excesses of their waste.

As the author of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s Follow the Money report, I’m all too familiar with waste, fraud, and abuse in our state government. Examples range from Los Angeles using our tax dollars to paint its streets white for climate change, to stealing hundreds of millions intended for distressed homeowners, to free electric cars for people on welfare, to the “disappearance” of billions of Federal dollars meant for English language learners.

With the full array of the political elite against us, we are truly fighting a David vs. Goliath battle. Some people have suggested passing Prop. 6 would be the Prop. 13 of our time. Indeed it would be.

Please keep spreading the message, talking to your friends and neighbors, and sharing about Yes on Prop. 6 on social media. We might have tens of millions of dollars against us, but we have the truth on our side and we are fighting an elite who long ago destroyed any last remnants of credibility they may have once held.

Thank you so much for supporting this effort. Friend, let’s win this!

Let’s show Sacramento we’ve had enough of their lies and their arrogance. And if something about my story struck a nerve with you, please share it with your friends.