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Melissa Melendez wants an investigation of SB 1 side deals

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, has called for California’s attorney general to investigate whether deals with lawmakers, including two from the Inland Empire, to secure votes for a transportation funding bill violated the state constitution and laws against “prid pro quo” deals. Melendez sent the letter to Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Tuesday, April 18. […]

Governor Brown accused of taking bribes as gas tax goes up

Strong claims against Governor Jerry Brown Wednesday over the new statewide gas tax that will cause prices go up 12 cents at the pump, with the money collected going to repairing roads. Some politicians in Sacramento are now accusing the Governor of taking bribes to pass it. Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez wrote a letter to the state’s Attorney General, stating her concerns. “Well the […]

Gas tax vote prompts recall campaign against Southern California Democrat

In the first political fallout from last week’s vote to raise the gas tax in California, opponents are trying to recall a rookie lawmaker who voted for it. Carl DeMaio, a talk radio host and former city councilman in San Diego, said Tuesday that plans are moving forward to launch a recall of Sen. Josh […]

Democrats Are the Reason For CA’s Crumbling Roads

Republican lawmakers, it’s your moment to prove your worth to your constituents. Especially since Gov. Jerry Brown told a legislative committee Monday his $52.4 billion gas tax increase needs to be approved immediately – especially because they have “a governor willing to sign it.” “All the guys running for governor, all want to be president, […]

Borenstein: Gov. Brown struggling for roads tax votes

It was no coincidence that Gov. Jerry Brown held a rally and press conference in Concord on Thursday morning to tout his new transportation deal, which would permanently raise gas taxes and increase vehicle registration fees. The rally site, on bare land next to a grocery store parking lot, sits in the districts of state […]