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A personal note from Eric, the page admin

I’ve never done this before, but this is a personal note to you from me, Eric. I’m the guy with the Coalition of Energy Users who administers this page and that’s a picture of me above so you have a visual. Today I read a post from a former classmate who is working on the […]

Want to fund our roads? Reduce wasteful spending first

I’m a Roseville-based small business owner with projects across California and Nevada – that’s a big territory and it means I spend a lot of time going up and down the highways. The price of gas and the condition of our roads has a big impact on me. I’m also founder of the Coalition of […]

Gas tax hurts working families

I’m a farm worker rights activist, and founder and board member for Pick Justice and California Farm Workers & Families – which means I work on behalf of the thousands of agricultural workers that harvest the food which comes to your table every night. My family and I are fortunate to play such a vital […]

Is the Gas Tax Repeal Measure the New Proposition 13?

Secretary of State Alex Padilla today announced that a measure to repeal the recent gas tax increase has qualified for the November ballot. Republican supporters of the initiative are hoping to hear an echo from another citizen tax revolt from 40 years ago: Proposition 13. That measure, passed overwhelmingly by voters in 1978, significantly rolled […]

California has Billions in Extra Money. Why Don’t Taxpayers Get a Refund?

California state government has so much money this year that it’s opening two new savings accounts so it can keep socking away even more cash for the rainy day that Gov. Jerry Brown says is just over the horizon. That tactic — setting a course to pile up $16 billion in savings over the next […]