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California voters don’t like gas tax hike. How will that play in 2018 elections?

California’s top politicians and interest groups celebrated a few months ago when the Legislature passed a package of taxes and fees to pay for long-neglected improvements to the state’s transportation systems. The heart of the $5 billion-plus per year revenue package is a 12-cent-a-gallon hike in gasoline taxes that took effect this month, just as […]

Major Effort Underway to Repeal California Gas Tax Hike

SACRAMENTO (CBSLA/AP) — Republicans’ latest effort to repeal California’s upcoming gas tax increase received a boost Wednesday from members of Congress and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, who said he would spend “significant” money to help put the initiative on next year’s ballot. “We can’t keep making this state unaffordable for working people and expect […]

George Runner was right: California now has the highest gas prices in the nation

Republican George Runner predicted in April that California’s gas tax hike would catapult the Golden State’s already high fuel prices to the “highest in the nation,” after the increase went into effect on Nov. 1, 2017. It appears his prediction was spot on… Click here to read the article at


Sacramento – The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced today (31) it is backing a ballot measure that will repeal $5.2 billion in annual gas and car tax increases that take effect November 1st, and requires that future increases be approved by voters. The measure, Voter Approval for Increases in the Gas and Car Tax, has been filed […]

California senator recall organizers have enough signatures

Three counties have received enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election that could remove a Southern California senator from office and end a Democratic supermajority in the California Legislature, according to counts released Friday. The attempt to recall Democratic Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton is backed by the California Republican Party, anti-tax advocates and talk-radio hosts […]