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California senator recall organizers have enough signatures

Three counties have received enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election that could remove a Southern California senator from office and end a Democratic supermajority in the California Legislature, according to counts released Friday. The attempt to recall Democratic Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton is backed by the California Republican Party, anti-tax advocates and talk-radio hosts […]

State lawmakers run up taxpayer-funded gas cards after record tax hike

On the same day the California Legislature passed the largest gas-tax increase in state history, CBS2’s David Goldstein found 11 charges for more than $400 in gasoline on state-issued credit cards assigned to both the Senate and the Assembly. It’s part of tens of thousands of dollars in gas charges we uncovered, but who’s using the cards? […]

UC Berkeley ex-chancellor to recieve $434,000 while on leave

Nicholas Dirks stepped down as UC Berkeley’s chancellor this summer but will receive almost all of his executive salary, $434,000, for another year though he won’t teach or run campus programs. The paid year off is a benefit provided under a policy approved by the University of California regents at least 17 years ago that […]