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California Lawmakers Consider a $543-million Change to the State Capitol in Sacramento

Once seen as a modern marvel that enhanced the original 19th century landmark in California’s capital city, the state Capitol’s 66-year-old annex was declared by architects and lawmakers on Wednesday to be long overdue for demolition and replacement. “There’s many ways in which the building is not welcoming to all Californians,” said Assemblyman Ken Cooley […]

Remember $4-a-gallon Gas? Get Ready to Say ‘Ouch’

Remember $4-a-gallon gasoline? It could be coming to a gas station near you, perhaps as soon as Memorial Day weekend. At the close of January, national gas price tracker said average gasoline prices across most of California were at their highest levels in more than 850 days. The rundown included $3.30 a gallon statewide, […]

One Gas Tax Repeal Efforts Fails While Another Gains Momentum

After one effort to repeal California’s gas tax failed, another initiative is gaining momentum. While some are against the added tax, some say it’s needed to fix state roads. “I think we should repeal it,” said one resident. That is what some in California are trying to do to the gas tax, after it raised […]