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California has Billions in Extra Money. Why Don’t Taxpayers Get a Refund?

California state government has so much money this year that it’s opening two new savings accounts so it can keep socking away even more cash for the rainy day that Gov. Jerry Brown says is just over the horizon. That tactic — setting a course to pile up $16 billion in savings over the next […]

California’s Gas Tax Hike Cost a Lawmaker His Job. Critics Say Repeal is Next

The decision by voters Tuesday to remove an Orange County state senator targeted for raising the state’s gas tax could be a harbinger for the fall campaign when critics of the tax hike push their repeal effort to the statewide ballot. Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), who was midway through his four-year term, was recalled from […]

Dispute Over Money Emerges in Campaign to Repeal California’s Gas Tax Increase

A proposed initiative to repeal hikes to California’s gas tax has been caught in the middle of a dispute involving Republican rivals in the governor’s race. Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Republican candidate for governor, decided in January to drop plans for his own initiative and said he would urge supporters to sign a separate petition […]

California Lawmakers Consider a $543-million Change to the State Capitol in Sacramento

Once seen as a modern marvel that enhanced the original 19th century landmark in California’s capital city, the state Capitol’s 66-year-old annex was declared by architects and lawmakers on Wednesday to be long overdue for demolition and replacement. “There’s many ways in which the building is not welcoming to all Californians,” said Assemblyman Ken Cooley […]