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Rule 1410 could raise gas prices up to 25 cents a gallon and kill good jobs

Southern California Assemblymember Al Maratsuchi wants the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to adopt Rule 1410’s hidden gas tax, which would ban the use of modified hydrofluoric acid in California. Refineries use this during alkylation, a process required for developing the clean burning gasoline that meets California’s stringent clean fuel requirements.

No refinery in the world has ever switched from the use of hydrofluoric acid to another technology. A ban would have devastating consequences for Southern California’s jobs, working families and the regional economy.

Rule 1410 poses the following risks:

  • Force offline or shutdown two Southern California Refineries and eliminate local jobs;
  • Eliminate 25% of regional fuel supply, creating shortages and massive price spikes;
  • Stall out the regional economy – hurting ports, airports and the trucking industry.

“Average spot prices could rise 25 cpg (cents per gallon) or more, and ultimately the California consumer would pay the price.” – Stillwater & Associates, California Energy Commission Meeting, July 6, 2017

“I have not heard a definitive, you will not lose jobs. I have not heard that we have hard alternatives.” – Alex LaFarga, LIUNA Local 1309, Torrance City Council Meeting, March 28, 2017